Why choose anteira GmbH?

We are a reliable and competent partner for renowned companies in the aviation, space flight, automotive, rail and shipping industries and offer specialised and expert knowledge as well as years of experience.
We see ourselves as a highly innovative and due to the structure of our company also highly flexible specialist. We offer the best solutions to our clients while complying with expectations of cost, dates and quality.

Our Services in an overview

leistungen_1System Engineering & Testing
Our services comprise the development of electronic and electromechanic systems. We accompany our clients through the entire development process using the v-model. Our expert monitoring ranges from the analysis, to the design and product, to integrations tests and to the certification as well as in operation/ in the company.

The ever growing challenges and high quality requirements your product is faced with demand target-oriented innovative solutions and a reliable partner.

  • Design
  • Project Management, Process Management
  • Development and Integration
  • Hardware and Software Testing
  • Operation and Support
  • Quality Management

DOORS, VPM, MS VISIO, C/C++, C#, EBCable, CATIA V5, Creo 2.0, NX Schematics

Design & Development
Our services comprise the construction and optimisation of electrical and electromechanical components. The different systems of an aviation vehicle, an automobile or of a ship have to be documented with all their details.

Maintenance and installation work can be executed efficiently and reliably due to perfectly compiled manuals, circuit diagrams or 3D models.

  • Generation of Circuit Diagrams (WD, EPD, BD)
  • Writing of Manuals
  • Development and Optimisation of components
  • Harness Design, Harness Routing
  • Development of Supply Systems on Board
  • Quality Management

See Electrical Expert (See XP), LCable, EB Cable, CATIA V5,Pro/Engineer, Creo 2.0, CIRCE, TAKSY, VPM, Primes, NX Schematics